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Pass It On

Pass It On

DMD is proud to be one of the lead sponsors of Pass It On, a charity with a mission to help homeless and vulnerable people across the UK.

Pass It On began as an initiative in our parent company Smiths News plc, with colleagues collecting and distributing preloved clothes to rough sleepers at winter time. In only a few years it has grown to become to become a fully independent charity, working with a wide range of partner organisations to help homeless people throughout the year. Today, Pass It On delivers outreach support throughout the year, including up to four flagship seasonal campaigns.

The growth of Pass It On reflects a crisis on our streets which sees thousands of people facing a life without adequate accommodation or social support. Our active involvement reflects the commitment of colleagues across Smiths News plc to help others less fortunate and in need.

Jonathan Bunting, CEO of Smiths News plc, the founding partner of Pass It On, explained:

“Since 2016 Pass It On has helped over 4,000 homeless and vulnerable people – and we want to reach many more. That’s why Pass It On has become an independent charity. Here at Smiths News, we remain a close and integral sponsor, working with the trustee to make a difference wherever ad however that’s possible.”

Pass It On is ambitious to reach more people in need than ever before, providing not just clothes, but distributing vital items such as toiletries, sleeping bags, food and drinks. As Jonathan explains “Working with partner organisations we plan to help with wellbeing and mental health initiatives as well as giving physical warmth and essential supplies to those in need.”

Here at DMD we share the belief that everyone should have a safe place to stay and call home – and we plan to continue playing our part by giving immediate and tangible support to homeless and vulnerable people across the UK.

More details of Pass it On and its excellent work are available at the charity’s official website.

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