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Rail Operators


Photo courtesy of Eurostar

DMD is Europe’s premier content service provider to TOCs, expert in complex movie and TV licensing for terrestrial out-of-home exhibition in domestic markets and across borders.

We entered the emerging rail entertainment market in 2015 as sole content manager for major UK operators Eurostar and Virgin Trains, when both launched services streamed to passenger devices.

Helping launch those visionary services taught us the superb benefits of onboard entertainment to rail innovators:

Brand differentiation
Customer satisfaction
Limits connectivity uptake

We work direct with TOCs and with third party tech partners, and as a full service CSP our media offer covers:

Short-form video (TV shows & clips)
Browser games
Digital publications
Bespoke content


We work with rail operators to define just the right print publications offer for their passenger profile, and we manage all the operational issues.

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Some of our rail operator clients